Social circus

the beginning

Cité la Chaux is a traditional fishermen’s village on the South Coast of Mauritius. The villagers depending on the sea, live in a precarious way. Strict confinement due to the Covid epidemic followed by the grounding of a Japanese ship on the reefs, an oil spill ensuing, all activities on sea and shore came to a full stop. A distressing situation for the residents. Their children, deprived of necessities and recreations, face extreme hardship.

It is urgent to draw those vulnerable children from this distressing environment. A Social Circus seemed the best solution to dedramatize and bring back hope and joy.

A start under the guidance of TIPA, (Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts) an already existing ONG, proved so successful and generated so much enthusiasm that the parents as well are showing their interest. This is the start of a growing and necessary community project. Women are being enrolled and trained to assist the mentors during training.

In November 2021, The Social Circus of Cité la Chaux Ltd, a charitable society was registered.

social circus

Social Circus is a proven catalyst to create a positive social change. It provides a safe and supporting environment that fosters personal as well as social development by means of circus arts.

It has proved its positive impact on the children from impoverished or different socio-cultural background all over the world.

Through Circus Skills children learn to:

  • gain trust in themselves
  • develop self-respect
  • respect others and the material they use
  • overcome social barriers
  • express their emotions
  • develop body awareness
  • develop their creativity

At the Social Circus of Cité la Chaux children are served a warm meal on Saturday, and a snack and drink during the week’s afternoon training.

We have at present limited funds that restrain our activities and performance. The potential is enormous and needs your help to develop and grow.

From Charlie Chaplin:

“All children in some form or another have genius; the trick is to bring it out in them”


With your funding the Social Circus of Cité la Chaux can help the children to have a future!

Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

Social Circus of Cité la Chaux Ltd : A/C No 000449166217

IBAN:  MU08MCBL0901000449166217000MUR

Indicative exchange rate:

1 USD = 43 MUR

1 EUR = 50 MUR

1 GBP = 59 MUR

Donate to project any amount as from MUR 500 is welcome

A circus performance will bring a smile and laughter to adults and children,

much needed in the present morose climate.